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Business rules

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The company defines as Worker’s Hygiene and Safety Policy, to develop all activities within the legal framework of adequate working conditions in order to achieve a high level of safety.

From this policy emerges:

  • All accidents are avoidable.
  • The causes that generate accidents can be eliminated or controlled.
  • The prevention of accidents at work is an irrevocable responsibility of all the personnel of the company, whatever their function and those who are temporarily in it, constituting, in addition, a condition of employment.
  • Safety or prevention of personnel accidents is the primary responsibility of supervision.

The company defines as Environmental Policy to carry out all its tasks within a framework of excellence in the care, protection and environmental improvement through a continuous process of improvement.
To this end, it is determined that:

  • All waste will be deposited in the places assigned for its prior classification and responsible management.
  • In the event of an accidental spillage of fuels or toxic substances, immediate notice will be given to the supervisory personnel and the remediation will be carried out, according to the procedure corresponding to the element in question.
  • No circumstance nor any instance of our activity should cause pollution of the soil, air or water resources.
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